(Originally published in Dress To Kill Magazine, January 2020)

A new wave of supplements and superfoods are taking the wellness industry by storm, arriving in fresh formats and flavours that are quickly qualifying them as top shelf material. This assortment of attractively-presented offerings, geared towards both health and beauty, has been growing in presence at an incredible rate and is successfully bridging the gap between well-being and appearance. Groundbreaking and multifaceted formulations are making fine-tuning personal health extraordinarily easy and convincing. Not only that, but our take on what it means to strive for so-called youth is transforming, effectively putting delicious liquids, gummies and powders at the top of many self-care to-do lists. 

Over the years, a societal infatuation with looks has translated into a slew of “anti-aging” creams and potions, multistep systems and, eventually, injectables and laser treatments being introduced. But in the midst of an increasing number of relatively topical methods gaining popularity, there’s another narrative taking place. The highly sought-after experience of feeling and looking youthful is being questioned and scrutinized, leading to the realization that true “youth” is not purely superficial in nature, but defined by how we choose to move through our daily lives. In addition, a widespread understanding that what we put in our bodies can also have a positive result on the surface is starting to take root. Collectively, our quest for youth has been a complicated one, with countless ups and downs, but through this process we are now evolving towards viewing both health and beauty from a holistic perspective.

There is no longer a sole infatuation with attaining an outward representation of youth, but a movement towards finding the internal ease, strength and radiance that’s associated with it. Pairing nourishing and supportive niche supplements with a willingness to embrace an inside-out belief in beauty is noticeably changing lifestyles and personal values. Individuals are open to the challenge and are seeking a different way of life that is grounded in lighthearted routines and a confident shift in self-perception.

The wellness industry is taking note and innovative ingredient combinations are appearing to empower this modernized approach to seeking vibrancy and vitality via nutrition. Many of these new contributions are pill-free, delicious and good-looking, and are transforming the task of reaching for supplements into a pleasant commitment, rather than a constant reminder of our race against time. Rejecting old-school tablets with outdated messages in exchange for alluring, multipurpose and self-gratifying staples is the newest standard that is being desired. This includes exciting and experiential essentials that help to instill a pathway to optimal internal and external health, and, at the same time, hold their own next to luxurious beauty products on a top shelf. These Canadian brands are leading the shift by possessing all of these qualities and bringing a unique vision and never-before-seen formulations to the table.

Aura Inner Beauty Marine Collagen

Aura Inner Beauty’s Marine Collagen comes in a glass bottle that’s designed to be fawned over each and every time a daily serving is poured. With a philosophy of “nourishing your beauty from within” and a mission to only source high quality and potent forms of collagen, the brand is bringing luxury to the supplement industry in an unprecedented way. Collagen has become a buzz ingredient, arriving in numerous versions, and promising a plethora of potential benefits such as minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, improving joint health and strengthening hair and nails. With such an impressive line-up of perks, it’s easy to understand why a boom in options has occurred, but the majority of which have proven to be less than desirable. Aura took notice and entirely bypassed the disappointing industry standard of lacklustre and flavourless powders and is successfully demonstrating that supplementation can be a “spa-like” experience instead of a chore., $65

Niyama Yoga Wellness Green Energy Pre-Vinyasa Energizer 

Niyama Yoga Wellness creates nutritional formulas that assist in increasing stamina, pre, during and post-workout, making yoga practice and recovery that much more enjoyable and achievable. Their Green Energy Pre-Vinyasa Energizer is a vegan and stimulant-free alternative to downing an espresso just to make it through a morning yoga class - a habit many of us have come to rely on. It’s jam-packed with nutrient-dense greens like wheatgrass, barley grass, and spinach, and has amino acids and anti-inflammatory turmeric to help support endurance and detoxification. Niyama offers an outlook focused on sustaining energy levels rather than boosting and burning out, which is revolutionary in itself. For the yoga-committed, or the occasional workout-curious, food and vitamin-based support sounds like an ideal swap for a daily caffeine fix. Not only will it help you get through class, but it can also up your chances of feeling energetic and looking fresh-faced throughout the day., $49.99

Suku Vitamins Radiant Complexion

Hydration and antioxidants in a fun and easy to consume format is about as practical as it gets. Suku makes vitamin blends in convenient gummies that taste great and are easy to reach for, making it way less likely that you’ll miss your daily dose. Their Radiant Complexion formula is comparable to a high-end facial serum, boasting coveted ingredients like hyaluronic acid, evening primrose oil and vitamin C. This unique combo works hard to help improve skin texture and moisture levels, as well as resiliency in the face of environmental factors such as pollution. Suku also offers an adult multivitamin, vitamin D and sleep formula, making it effortless to eliminate pills and capsules altogether - a preference some never thought was possible to achieve. Unlike most nutritional gummy options on the market, these ones are sugar, gluten and common allergen-free, which means you can regularly enjoy a candy-like treat without sacrificing your dietary needs., $27.99

The Gut Lab Power Potion 

Moving away from the dreaded pill case and back towards an awareness of what can be found in nature, The Gut Lab mixes powdered concoctions of herbal and whole food ingredients, each with a key focus. Every “potion” is labelled with an endearing intention that reflects the aim of the formulation and also comes with a suggestion for a special way to incorporate it into daily routines. A d.i.y salad dressing, detoxifying elixir or smoothie are just some of the possibilities. The brand uses several ingredients that are at the forefront of nutrition trends like adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms and supergreens. Power is the perfect example of this, containing three adaptogens - ashwagandha, astragalus root and turkey tail mushroom extract, the combination of which offers potential hormone-balancing, immune and stress-fighting benefits. Mix and match The Gut Lab’s potions to create a personalized self-care menu paired with inspiring goals like Glow, Love and Clarity., $24

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