A Guide to the Most Indulgent BIPOC-Owned Body Care Products

Self-care essentials for extending skincare beyond your face.

(Originally published on Beautyocracy.com, 2022)

Skincare for the face has been a primary focus for ages. There are a plethora of options: an endless selection of serums, essences, toners, creams, and cleansers that seem to exponentially increase in presence. And although the face is a justifiable area to concentrate a lot of our focus, the rest of the body deserves some much-needed attention too. This need has been recognized and the notion of what skincare means is starting to expand. During this time of mass obsession with fine-tuning face options, body care products have been rising in presence and showing up in rich, divine, and aromatic forms. Evolving from the relatively neutral and predictable products found at the drugstore are soaps, scrubs, oils, and butters that are formulated using high-quality ingredients. 

From ancestral extracts to the latest in skincare technology, these BIPOC-owned brands are bringing body care luxury to the table in ways never seen before.

Bathe Brand

Nile Sea Soak

Blue Tansy + Butterfly Pea Flower

“Gentle reminder - You deserve to be pampered” is stated on Bathe Brand’s website and it hits hard. In a life based on routines and obligations, setting time aside for a bathing ritual can seem far from a priority. Delving into this deservingness and desire to be pampered is essential, and Bathe Brand’s Nile Sea Soak is a beautiful, luxurious blend to have on hand. Butterfly pea flower, blue tansy, and chamomile combined in a base of mineral-rich sea salts and nourishing oils make this sea soak a moisturizing and calming escape from daily stress and tension, and is a perfect reason to make time for body care.

Karité Body Cream

Créme Corps Karité Shea Butter Hydrating Body Cream

Founded by three sisters, My Karité uses ethically-sourced shea butter from Ghana in all of their expertly-crafted formulations. This traditional African ingredient has been used for thousands of years as a potent and protective shield for the skin and is full of nutrients that help to restore, moisturize, and heal. With a delightful whipped consistency that’s “pillowy-soft” and absorbs quickly, Karité Shea Butter Hydrating Body Cream is the best of both worlds — rich and effective, but not greasy and sticky. It’s safe for all skin types, including those prone to conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis, and is both dermatologist-created and approved.

Skwålwen Botanicals

Kalkåy Healing Salve

Kalkáy (call-kay) is the Squamish word for rose bush, a nod to the rosehip oil in Skwálwen Botanical’s Kalkáy Healing Salve and an acknowledgement of Indigenous reverence for the plant. This lightweight salve is made with sustainably-sourced yarrow infused in a blend of organic carrier oils and provides a gentle and protective coating that serves a variety of functions. The multipurpose formula can be used to soothe and nourish dry skin and minor skin irritations on the face and body and tends to many skin challenges, from a dry patch to a sunburn, or can simply be used for daily moisture.

Brujita Skincare

Palo Santo + Jasmine Full Body Lotion

Brujita Skincare’s Palo Santo + Jasmine Full Body Lotion has a signature earthy and floral scent and comes with a convenient pump to make moisturizing on the go quick and mess-free. It can be used as a pick-me-up applied post-shower or as a delightful aromatic treat following a slow and intentional bath. The lightweight texture makes it versatile and easy to apply when in need of extra moisture and can be an indulgent ritual when there’s time set aside. Layer it on top of body oil for additional protection and enjoy the smoothing effects.


Gingr Lemon Buttr

The name alone makes skinBUTTR’s Gingr Lemon Buttr sound like a refreshing and tropical treat for both the senses and the skin. The whipped, shea-based butter is aimed at creating a glistening glow, reminiscent of hot days on the beach — something we could all use in any season. If citrus isn’t your thing, the Body by SkinBUTTR collection includes a variety of scents to choose from including Strawberry Coconut, Pomango, and Honey Almond, and also comes in matching scrub formulas to choose from.


Lime Vetiver Dry Silk Body Oil

Looking for a body oil that’s moisturizing but not heavy on the skin? Malavara’s Lime Vetiver Dry Silk Body Oil is the answer. The energizing blend comes in a spray bottle and can be conveniently applied when skin is damp and massaged in for deep and lasting comfort. Formulated using Ayurvedic principles, it has a base of moringa and apricot kernel oils, mixed with a variety of invigorating essential oils. Malavara also offers a self-massage tutorial using the oil on their website, demonstrating the ancient Indian marma point philosophy and the beauty of using luxury skincare as a form of self-care.


Spirulina Botanical Bar

Soap tends to be relegated to the least interesting category of body care, but Redoux has changed that perspective with their unique botanical bars. Not only are the bars pleasant to look at, but they also effortlessly glide on the skin while cleansing and adding another level of enjoyment to the experience. Cleansing doesn’t have to be boring or blasé, and with ingredients like spirulina, rice milk, and ylang ylang, it’s likely to become your most interesting and favorite step in the body care process. 

Becalia Botanicals

Sal Himalayan Body Polish

Inspired by the founder’s hometown, Coyuca de Benítez in Mexico, Becalia Botanicals’ Sal Himalayan Body Polish is formulated to transport you there through experience and aroma. To get the full sensorial effect, smooth the scrub over skin with dry hands and in circular motions. It will lightly exfoliate the surface and deeply moisturize with a blend of coconut and sweet almond oil while encouraging relaxation. Skin will feel smooth and glowing when coming out of the bath, instead of dry and parched, and be primed for any season.

Body care doesn’t have to be a one-dimensional afterthought, second to facial and hair care; it can be a priority that reaps countless benefits such as relaxed, moisturized, and radiant skin and a reason to set aside some time to intentionally interact with one’s body in meaningful ways. Taking a fraction of the time dedicated to the face and directing it to our whole being can be a rewarding shift from a hyperfocus on face products and an invitation to expand how we define skincare in ways that have never occurred before.

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